Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement

The form itself consists of three parts. Part I lists the provisions of the agreement itself and contains compensation and information on the settlement of any claims. Part II contains information about the user – a company or an individual – and includes their name, addresses and the signature of the company`s representative or individual. DD Form 2402, Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement, is a legal document that guarantees an official contract between the Department of Defense (DoD) and a person or company that intends to use military airfield facilities. DD 2402 is not a civil aircraft landing permit per se and must be filed with Form DD 2400 and Form DD 2401 to obtain one. The latest valid version of the form was published on May 1, 2021. A completeD DD 2402 form is available for download below. DD 2402 must be filed with Form DD 2400 and Form DD 2401 in order for the applicant to obtain a civil aircraft landing permit. By signing this document, a person or company confirms the obligation to indemnify all U.S. organizations and employees from all liabilities that may arise from the use of military airfields, equipment and related supplies. This includes all possible damage to a person or property, unless the damage is the result of intentional misconduct by U.S. military employees. The DD 2402 is sometimes confused with da form 2402, Maintenance Tag – a newer version of DA Form 2402, Exchange Tag.

The DA 2402 is intended to serve as an identification tag and is used as a receipt for TMDE items that need to be calibrated to identify items retained for warranty claims and EIR parts, etc. This form is not publicly available. Companies must attach a letter from the contract agent`s representative confirming the request for land to their request. Part III, Verification, is completed only by a second officer of a business (if the user is a corporation and corporation) and includes his or her fully typed name, title and signature. The date of signature is set out in Part IV. Part V contains additional remarks or additional information that could not be provided in the previous parts of the form. The Civil Aircraft Continued Insurance Agreement is part of a series of three forms required to obtain a landing permit for military aerodromes. These can be placed digitally or by hand after printing and must be physically signed in blue ink before being sent to the appropriate branch of the U.S. military. Faxes or emails are not checked for approval. There are policy differences between the departments of the Army, Air Force and Navy.

An applied for permit may be refused by Navy and Marine Corps air facilities, but may later be approved by another service for their airfield site. .

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