Intermediary Services Agreement

10.7. The Registrar has the right to provide intermediate domain name registration services on deferred payment terms (credit payment method). At the same time, the intermediary agrees to pay debts for the services provided for the previous calendar month by filling out the personal account in accordance with item 10.5. no later than the 15th of the month following the service delivery. The most eligible value of the negative balance on an intermediary`s personal account is determined by the Registrar in an individual order. 12.5. The Ombudsman follows any changes that can be made to the agreement and Schedule 1 regarding the Clerk`s source of information at the Internet address The ombudsman`s continued use of the Clerk`s services means that the Ombudsman accepts the amended terms of the agreement/annex 1. 1.4.

The Service Control Panel (SCP) refers to an interface for the interaction between the intermediary, including the transmission of applicants` service requests, and the Registrar during the provision and consumption of the Clerk`s services, organized under the Clerk`s information source at the internet address Access to the CPS is done using the authorization (login and password). 4.1.1. Provide domain name registration services to applicants at the request of the intermediary. 7.5. A report on the intermediate services provided under this Regulation is deemed to have been adopted and signed by both parties, unless one of the parties discloses its claims within five business days of the closing date of the reporting period in point 7.2.1. That`s what I`m talking about. 3.1. Using the e-mail address, the Registrar sends an email from the intermediary registered in the SCP to the intermediary an offer to enter into an agreement allowing it to provide its applicants with internet domain name registration intermediation services. 10.10.

The fact of the clerk`s provision of the service is confirmed by the inclusion of the registered domain name and its administrator`s data in the National Domain Area Register and in the Service Provided Report, compiled via the last day of the reference month, which is the month of actual service delivery, in accordance with point 4.2.8. That`s what I`m talking about. 2.4. At the request of the intermediary, the Clerk provides the applicant with one of the services provided through the Internet Domain Name Registration Agreement via the Internet (Attorney), available at the Internet address, to the applicant indicated through the application. 1.6. Payment of services through the intermediary is the transfer of funds received through the Clerk for the corresponding registration services, in accordance with the procedure and under the conditions set out in this agreement. 3.4. The acceptance of the amended terms of the agreement through the agreement on the provision of Internet domain name registration intermediation services with the Registrar prior to the entry into force of this concept of contract is determined by clause 12.5.

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