Opseu Ops Collective Agreement 2019

“I am pleased that we have reached this preliminary agreement with OPSEU. This agreement shows that if the partners commit to cooperation in the negotiations, the outcome can be both fair and reasonable for our employees and in line with our financial plan,” the minister said in a statement. o members who make their own pension contributions. (Under the current agreement, the employer pays both pension units.) Finally, two members of your negotiating team are not in favour of ratifying the interim agreement. They are Dylan Lineger (Local 410) and Glenna Caldwell (Local 302). OpsEU regularly receives applications from members covered by collective agreements across the province to obtain copies of their central contract. The following six links provide easy access and allow you to download a copy of your collective agreement in Adobe format. Although the agreement makes minor concessions, they are minimal compared to the benefits obtained. In addition, your negotiating team was able to mitigate all the concessions still on the table. Thomas also commended the members and local representatives for their invaluable support and all participants in the negotiations for their assistance in the best possible agreement. “I couldn`t be more proud to be part of a union that, in the face of harassment and alarmism, is a united front. The employer was forced to resign if he was confronted with the solidarity and determination of the members.¬†On October 6, OPSEU announced that your Central/Unified PAHO negotiating team has entered into preliminary agreements with the employer for both the central collective agreement applicable to all OPSEU members in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and the single collective agreement that covers all PAHO members outside the correction unit.

October 27, 28 and 29 will be held in all regions of the province. The dates and times of ratification votes in Region 5 are shown below. Please also provide this information to your stewards and members and encourage each OPS member in your premises to take the time to vote. For information on the preliminary agreements – and copies of the agreements themselves: 1) Go to the main page of the OPSU negotiations on the OPSEU website and regularly view updates 2) Click on the links below to download the following documents: This interim agreement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of PAHO members throughout the province. Thank you to our members, our employees, the Board of Directors and the mobilizers for their hard work and commitment to getting our messages out and fighting for the good fight.

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