Utah Code Violation Of Jail Release Agreement

6. (a) Following an arrest for a qualified offence, an alleged victim who is not a minor may waive in writing the conditions of release described in the subs paragraphs (3) (d) (i) (a) (A) or (C).  In the event of a waiver, these conditions of release do not apply to the arrested person. The admission of guilt or failure to challenge a crime of domestic violence in Utah, the plea of which is maintained in the storage, amounts to a conviction, even if the charge was later reduced or dismissed in accordance with the filing agreement. UCA 77-36-1.2. (9) A person arrested for a legitimate criminal offence, which is a crime, and who is released pursuant to this section, may then be detained without bail if there is substantial evidence of a new charge against the person. (i) at the request of the prosecutor and after giving the person the opportunity to be heard on the application, the conditions of release referred to in 3 (d) (i) cannot be extended by more than three days;  and (iii) The arrested person may make the appearance by video, as described in the subsection (3) (d) (i) if the arrested person is not released. (a) notify that the alleged perpetrator is not authorized to contact the alleged victim prior to his or her release; (e) the availability and effect of waiving the conditions of release;  and (4) (a) If a person charged with a qualified offence does not show up on the date provided by the judge in paragraph 3 (d) above, he must comply with the conditions of release set out in paragraph 3 (d) (i) until he has a first appearance. 7. (a) When an arrested person is released in accordance with paragraph 3 above, the release centre: at the time of an offender`s initial appearance, the court rules on the need for a referral action or other conditions of pre-trial detention, including, but without limitation, participation in an electronic or other monitoring program, and establishes in writing its findings and determination. Second or subsequent violations of criminal protection orders result in heavier penalties, as described below.

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