Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Illinois

There is a small window of opportunity to participate in the amnesty program. While there is no penalty for non-participation, the ability to avoid penalties and interest on eligible tax obligations may encourage many taxpayers to participate. On the other hand, non-filers seeking a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA) with the state, which generally involves relief from sentences and limited scrutiny, should immediately consider it so that the tax can be calculated and paid during the amnesty window and interest can be deferred to any liability of VDA. Under this program, a taxpayer or tax collector must calculate and transfer the amounts owed for one of the tax or non-tax debts to be paid or transferred to the Ministry of Finance. Applicants must determine the amount they owe for the four-year period immediately prior to the date they apply to participate in the program. The decal must transfer the total amount of taxes and interest it calculates or enter into a payment contract. The public must also register with the Department and pay for any previous defects and/or anomalies that may have occurred before they are disclosed. The outcome of its right to administrative consultation and private repayment or debt claims and undertakes not to take legal action for payments made under the program. To qualify for this program, a candidate must not be reviewed or reviewed. When a denoued has received a written notification of a review or review of a tax, it is prohibited to participate in the program of these taxes. The public must also ensure that the taxes disclosed are not subject to review or investigation by the department involving a person or organization that participated in a previous mass sale with the public, and that it has not received notification of the tax disclosed. The public cannot provide information about the tax and the period for which it received a notification of irregularities from the city, but must pay these amounts for other periods or taxes as part of its disclosure. The Illinois Department of Finance has adopted amendments in light of changes to its voluntary disclosure agreement for taxpayers.

The department has updated the language in Rule 210.126 – voluntary disclosure to explain that taxpayers will now disclose responsibility for problem solving (PRD) from the Taxpayer Services Program and not to the Contracts Board of Directors. The Problem Solving Department will facilitate the voluntary disclosure process for businesses that do not comply with Illinois tax law. Taxpayers, tax collectors and their representatives who wish to file a voluntary disclosure request should do so online with Chicago Business Direct. If the application is approved, the decousle has 30 days to register, calculate and pay the amounts owed, unless an extension is granted. The department will verify the accuracy of the calculations and, once the amount due has been confirmed, an agreement will be prepared for the public`s signature. A copy of the fully executed contract is made available to the flyer in the execution of all the terms of the contract. If you have any questions about the voluntary disclosure program, please contact Emily Kearney at 312-747-3837. In exchange for voluntary disclosure and payment or transfer of tax and non-tax debts, the Department undertakes to waive all penalties and half of the interest that would otherwise apply. The Division also agrees not to evaluate the public for periods prior to the four-year period for publicly available taxes.

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