Co Hosting Agreement

It`s important to have an airbnb-co-host agreement, so I`d like to give you an example. Both parties have to cover themselves, so I insist on having a contract that protects you. [HostName] does not provide the following services under this Agreement: Note that this is general information, not legal advice and not an attorney-client relationship. Please contact a specialist lawyer to resolve specific legal issues regarding co-host agreements! All bookings are made via Airbnb, VRBO or Trip Advisor (Flipkey), unless a special agreement is reached between the owner and the host. Owners and hosts can accept reservations. The owner and host split all rental income, 70% to the owner and 30% to the host, no matter who accepts which reservations. 100% of the cleaning fee is to the host. Airbnb`s revenues are distributed by Airbnb and are paid directly to each party. The owner collects VRBO and Trip Advisor receipts and transfers the host`s share to the host by check or direct deposit by check or direct deposit no later than one-fifth of each month, depending on the host`s preference.

“Excluded Services” means services that Host does not provide under this Agreement. These are listed in Appendix A; 11.5 No breach or delay by our party in exercising any right or appeal provided for by law or under this Agreement, or the exercise of any right or individual or partial remedy, shall affect the right or appeal, act as a waiver or modification thereof or exclude its exercise at a later date. In this area, I recommend that you see a lawyer. So it`s up to you, as a co-host, to make a deal with the main host at a fair price.

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