The Roommate Agreement Emma Hart

Jay runs one of his father`s gyms and tends to have a lot of boys for sports, which drives Shelby crazy and also hinders his work. What happens when these best friends/roommates start to realize that their feelings have started to change? Will they risk more than 20 years of friendship for true love? Emma has a path with words that fully invests you in the book. These words also captivate all kinds of emotions, from laughter, love to hate/exaggeration of the characters. I can`t wait to be drawn into another Emma book. Emma: Thank you very much! That`s exactly what I hope to have as a finished project. I design my own, but I tend to start my blankets months before. I like to use models as a “muse” for the cover, so I go in search of four things: a fun model, a bright photo, something that fits the subject of the book, and all this must make me happy. From there, I can pass at least five photos and three concepts before I find what it takes. The colocation agreement was a rare first project that made the cut! The template was perfect for what I imagined to be a writer (it may have helped me to have a messy bun myself at the time) and the noteboard on the front/in the background text was a tribute to the chord itself. Leave your homeless best friend with you, he said. Being roommates is going to be fun, he said. It`s temporary, he said. He never said I would fall in love with him.

Do you know what is not “temporary”? The endless stream of dirty socks in my bathroom and empty food packets under the couch – and don`t even let me start with the hot boys who take my living room every Sunday to watch sports. I can`t take more. Emma: It`s not them! We live quite far from our families, so either they have drawn from conversations with friends or from my imagination. .

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