About me

I was introduced to photography by my husband and Stuart (stuartbaines.com), who decided our new kitten Portia was worthy of being a ‘purrfect’ model.  We quickly advanced into motorsport which had always been a passion of Stuart’s.  Immediately I was hooked!

I work full time for a company Calrec Audio Ltd which design and manufacture audio consoles for the live broadcast industry.  I am a Team Leader and look after the Assembly and Wiring Departments. This usually keeps me busy five days a week!

Another newly found passion is mountain biking.  So hopefully in the not so distant future, I might be showcasing some images of the stunning vista’s from around my hometown of Hebden Bridge…if I can manage to get up t’hills!

Weekends however………….who knows!! Triathlons, cats, mountain biking, landscapes – never bored!

Portia sadly passed away at the grand old age of 14 years and I now have my hands full looking after two rather large Maine Coon’s!